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Another year has passed and a new one just begun! Happy New Year everybody!

So, I would like to know which kind of content you like(d) the most. Here is a selection of categories, we did in the past and want to maybe do more or less this year. Now you got the chance to let us know your favorite categories and shape the blog’s content to your needs. I can’t wait to get your opinion and thoughts ! Here is the categories….(Side Note Andy: Feel free to suggest other things be leaving a comment below)

Reviews: As you know, we like to test and review software. But if we get any astonishing gear under our fingers, this point also includes hardware reviews like mic comparisons or outboard equipment.

Interviews: If you’re the one who likes to know how top Imaging producers work, choose this point.

Tutorials: If our Imaging producers have a good day and want to share their production tips, you will be the first who will know about.

Contests: As we did it for example with the Presets for Presents contest, we’re always interested who is out there doing great imaging. Maybe you will be the next winner?

Reallife Experiences: We’re not always sitting in our office. We like to record SoundFX, travel other countries to do our jobs, or develop new strategies in the studio. Choose this one to read stories beside the virtual world.

Useful Links: The Internet is full of information. No one is able to oversee this big package of content. But we can help you to filter nice and interesting articles out there!

Best Of Benztown Libraries: Every week a big amount of content is created for our 20 production libraries. By choosing this point, you will hear a selection of our libraries in frequent intervals.

Please select your top three topics and like I said: Feel free to add your own suggestions or comments below.

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To a great 2015!!!!

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