1811 requests in one single year or let’s launch a…

Hey Imaging world, production nerds, sound design gurus. I am proud to show you first :

Our new blog especially for VO artists  : benztownvoiceover.wordpress.com

The experience and massive success of the last 3 years with our VO Department, the Benztown Voiceover Group (linken), which is the only representation for vocie over artists available for barter in the US featuring more than 100 of the hottest US and International Voice Talents + the resulting thousends of email requests every year (considering VO work, Barter Represenattion, Tipps & Tricks, Coachings, Recoding Setups, how to start in the vo business etc.) made us go down this path and found this blog. It is especially for all VO Guys out there, people want to start inn VO business and or production guys interested in VO Work / Business.

The VO blog will have weekly interviews with the most successful radio voice over artists of all time, showcase technical trends, tipps & tricks, useful links (f.e. how to build a cheap VO booth) and especially for young talent  it will include tons of helpful advice to make massive improvments creative and business wise in a short amount of time. ENJOY benztownvoiceover.wordpress.com and speak soon!

Andy & the entire benztown crew

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