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Guys this is the last post for 2015 ! A best of, kind of :)…I went backwards and to be honest, there is so much stuff we are doing and writing, so I tend to forget some of the coolest stuff very easily. I wish you a great tim ereading my personal Best of 2015 and HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR – to a great 2016!


• Iron Imager 2015

our annual Imaging contest was up for the 4th time this year. you were able to vote your favorite of 3. Click above to listen to the best 3 submissions we had this year.

Our Vocoder Favorites

There’s a plenty amount of vocoders out there. The crew here in Stuttgart has their own favorites.

Interview: Dom Nero

I’m sure you still know Dom from Hot 97. I had an awesome Interview with him back in January.

Interview: Jan Brückner

The craft of Radio imaging and Remixing is not far away from each other. So Jan did his first remix this year. On this occasion I asked him some questions about his work.

Serato Pitch’n Time

One of the best time stretching algorithms out there is Serato’s version. So I tested it and compared it with some other common ones.

Interview: Sidey

Since 20 years Sidey works for Triple M in down under. This was a reason to do another Interview with him.

Boz’ Launch Piece for KIIS Melbourne

Daniel Bozykowski created an amazing piece for the launch of KIIS’ station in Melbourne. I wanted to know more about him and his work.

Interview: Dan Gustafson

I always loved Rock imaging and Dan Gustafson produces our Rock Library. Certainly I had to interview him!

Production Tip: Track Templates

Presets are a great way to fasten production. So why not using presets for Pro Tools Tracks with a little workaround?

Matt Damrow and Creatives in Bars with Coffee

I’m so happy Matt did this awesome video series with experts of the radio industry this year. Click above to get to the first episode!

Review: Waves Butch Vig Vocals

The secret about the perfect VO chain. Maybe its all about this plugin?

Mike ‘Stretch’ Roberts: Creative Writing

Mike had some very interesting thoughts about how to do creative writing for imaging. Luckily he wrote them down for us 😉

Fiver Friday Episode 8

It was the first year of Fiver Friday. Be sure that more is about to come in 2016!

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