3 unbelievable PlugIn Combos to create a DIFFERENCE

Voice Over treatment is crucial to most of our subscribers and each of them loves their voices to stand out and be set apart from the pack. Here is 3 great combos I use a lot. Please note I assume the VO is already compressed and limited. The Filterbank could be replaced with any EQ who has a great low and high cut function. Also the Amp Farm could be replaced with any guitar amp emulating PlugIN. It is the taste and the VO that decides.

1. MacDSP Filterbank + Mondo Mod + SciFi

2. MacDSP Filterbank + Amp Farm + LoFi

Do a low and high cut (300-500Hz and 3000 -6000Hz), give the kind of drive and presence you like with the Amp and bitcrush and distort with LoFi, bus that to a delay (maybe bpm related……) nice :).

3. MacDSP Filterbank + Sound Toys Echoboy (or any bmp related delay) + SciFI Ring Modulator or Flange for a stunning and ill delay.

Have Fun and let me know how it works on your VO.

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