A first excursion into Video – Andre’s Production Diary Part…

Hey Guys. Today, I’ve got something special for you. My first selfmade Video Tutorial. It’s nothing really big, but I’m still proud of sharing the things I’ve leaned here at Benztown with you.

For all the Beginners out there. If you wish to hear and/or see more of the basic production stuff, don’t be afraid to write an email to [email protected]

And now let’s start with the third part of my Production Diary.

Chapter 5: Ramploops

A Ramploop is the looped instrumental start of a song. This seems pretty unimpressive, but chosen and used wisely, Ramploops can replace composed/purchased Musicbeds in your Promo or Sweeper

Ramploops have two big advantages: They are easy to produce (even I can :)) and there are tons of possible Ramploops out there. Imagine all the songs, your station plays and almost everyone of them could be used as a Ramploop.

Especially for artist related Promos or Sweepers, Ramploops are great to catch the listener. The VO tells you the newest Gossip about your favourite artist and in the background you hear his newest song. Perfect!

Imagine your station gives away Ke$ha tickets, would you use a musicbed or some Ke$ha song… be honest.

To prove how easy it is to produce a ramploop, I made a Video Tutorial. It’s a beginner tutorial for people who have no or less experience in Radio Imaging or for people who are just interested in our daily work.

[vimeo 19827403]

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