And The Iron Imager VI Contender is…Brad Leask from Nova…

April 2017 – It looks like we’ve got ourselves an Ozzie showdown at WWRS 2017! While reigning champ Sideshow Mike Andersen has been roaming the streets of Sydney wearing nothing but the championship Iron Imager belt, some fresh youngster from Melbourne worked furiously to produce this piece of audio, which has catapulted him into radio imaging history.

Congratulations to Brad Leask, Iron Imager’s youngest contender ever! Check out this incendiary promo that advanced him to the Final Round (voiceover cred: Corri English and Drew Patterson).

[soundcloud id=’316453703′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]

That’s enough from Brad for now ;). There’s a more in-depth interview with Andy coming early next week. Let’s take a look at the stiff competition Brad was up against this year. As always, selecting the Contender was a near impossible decision and you’ll hear why when you listen to these submissions from the Runner-Up and Honorable Mention categories. Enjoy!

Runner-Up/Brendan Tacey // Triple M, Sydney/Australia

[soundcloud id=’316461954′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]

Runner-Up/Gary McClenaghan // Bell Media, Edmonton/Canada

[soundcloud id=’316463128′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]

Honorable Mention/Daniel Hunt // KIIS 1065, Sydney/Australia

[soundcloud id=’316463427′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]

Honorable Mention/Sergey Green // Europa Plus, Moscow/Russia

[soundcloud id=’316464298′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]

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