Andy’s Fiver Friday #84 – Iron Imager, Oz Imaging Power…

This is the best week so far this year. Why? Iron Imager is on. Nova’s Brad Leask vs. the reigning champ Michael “Sidey” Anderson. It will be a fantastic battle. I am so thrilled to hang out with both guys in LA during the week of WWRS in May. I hope I will see a lot of you guys there as well… Lets hit it for this week.

1. PlugIn

Ash recommended that to me yesterday. I have not played around with it a ton, but as Izotope offers it for free and is a great manufacturer it is always worth to check their stuff out.

2. Web/Social/Whatever

A few episode before I told you about the Ambient Ice Breaker stuff. There’s new some additional content!

3. Music

Still a huge album!

4. Inspiration

This is an email I received in 2013 and it shows where hard work and dedication can bring you in a very short amount of time. I found this yesterday and I am still blown away. You will be, too! Brad, you are an impressive young man!!!!

From: Brad Leask
Date: Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 11:46 PM
Subject: Hey guys!
To: “” <>, “” <>

Hey guys!

My name’s Brad Leask.
I’m 19 years old and from Melbourne, Australia.
I just wanted to get in contact with you to say g’day and introduce myself.

I watch your blog very closely and have been learning heaps from you guys, so thanks a lot!

For the past 12 months I’ve been volunteering at Nova 100 under Matt Dower. Helping out with general production and getting my hands dirty, as well as sitting behind the guys and watching how they do things at every opportunity.

Just recently I got the job of doing some production for a Saturday morning show on Nova.
I’ve also been in regular contact with David Konsky and various other Aussie engineers. I just summited my entry into the ‘Iron Imager’ contest. This is my first real crack at a promo piece like this and I had so much fun making it. Would love to get your feedback on it.

Look forward to hearing back from you.
Cheers for your time!
Brad Leask.

Side Note Andy. This personal development in just 4 years is also a testament of how great the talent farming is in Australia and especially what a fantastic job legends like Matt, BT Sidey, Konsky, Nikolic do by training talent!

5. Imaging

I mean…obvious, right..or what to do beside Iron Imager? Yes, there has been also this…Gary McClenaghan’s RAP award winning audio!



Gary produces for TSN and 100.3 The Bear in Edmonton, and CJAY 92 in Calgary.

Make sure to visit his site, he’s also doing great voice over work!  The voicing he does in these pieces is what he delivers to his clients. Personality through humor and characters.

Bear – Summer Imaging – he wrote all of these based loosely on real things that have happened in his backyard. Their primary voice Jamie then expands on his ideas, adds ideas, and then Gary voices around.

Same thing with the promo. Gary writes, Jamie adds. Always offering an expansion of an idea. And then it all comes together.

These are far from just myself. Jamie and I are a very cohesive creative unit.



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