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I’m sure you already experienced the problem that you wanted to use a PlugIn in Pro Tools, but there was no AAX version available. But don’t worry: there are some solutions for this issue. I came across a useful post that a Pro Tools Expert published some years ago which contains a list of workarounds concerning this topic. Here’s a short heads up.

  • Blue Cat Audio Patchwork
    We are using this tool in the studio for a while now and it really works for us! You have to click here an there to open the final plugin window, but it does its job! Of course it does not offer the comfort using a real aax, but it is a great workaround.


  • Vienna VEP5
    Vienna offers their own solution for using their VIs. And the best: you can open AU and VST plugins in this window


  • Native Instruments Machine
    You know Maschine: it’s a whole production suite for rhythmic, pattern based production. It has its own surface and integration software, compatible with aax, which can also open VSTs and AUs.


    Reaper is a great alternative to all DAWs. And it’s basically free. Via ReWire you can host your VST and AU plugins in Pro Tools.


  • Plogue Bidule
    This tool also is a ReWire host, and can host your VST and AUs plugins in Pro Tools.


  • VSTLord
    A tool especially designed for this application.


  • Fxpansion VST/RTAS Wrapper
    This one is for those who are using an earlier version of Pro Tools than 12.0. Simple and straight forward hosting tool.
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