Andy’s Fiver Friday #104 – The best PlugIn for 10…

This week is all PlugINs, so happy to share 2 really awesome deals with you!

1. Plugin

The best plugIN you can get for 10 $ – times 2!
Love both and use them all the time.

Little Alter Boy – I highly recommend automization of some parameters, especially formant will give you a great effect.

Echo Boy – One of the industry standards considering DELAYs (also according to my good friend and imaging icon Forrest Martin).

2. Inspiration

Does not everybody want to be happy?

9 Timeless Habits You’ll Find in the Happiest People

3. Music

Do they sound the same? Casper track and Taylor – who was first? (listen to Casper’s song at 1:17min, and Taylor’s at 1:10min)

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Check this EQ by Eventide, reminds me of FF Pro-Q2 This one’s free until October 31st! (reg. $99)

5. Imaging

My Friend Thomas from Vienna, also know for his german radio website did a great job on this power intros!


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