Andy’s Fiver Friday #106 – In & Out, CALIFORNICATION and…

So, this week I am writing this from LA. Max and I are in since Wednesday and having a fantastic time. SFX recordings, tours, meetings, production music conference and of course your weekly dose of FIVER FRIDAY!

1. Plugin

Check out GTR3 Stomps. Great tool for imaging, as you’ve got every plugin in one place. We also used it in our latest Benztown Tutorial:

2. Inspiration

The guys at In & Out: not because they are my favorite Burger in LA. It’s because they apparently turned down a 20!!!!Million $ franchise deal in NYC, as they felt they could not hold their standards. Thats love for your product and brand!!!

3. Music

I love Jamie Foxx. One of the greatest out there. a master of so many disciplines!


4. Web/Social/Whatever

It’s the right time to start your own:

Podcasts Democratized Radio. Now PRX Wants To Democratize Podcasts


5. Imaging

The biggest player ever passed last week.



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