Andy’s Fiver Friday #119 – Salon de Radio, Native Instruments…

Second week of 2018 and already full steam ahead. I am already looking forward to seeing some of you next week in Paris, France for Le Salon de Radio  and hopefully for some awesome French Imaging discussions :).. For my readers in other parts of the world, I highly recommend to check out the French radio market. Find some of our related work and video material here.

1. PlugIn

The latest from NI – awesomely designed page and I bet some awesome materials. I look forward to check out more as a part of the beta testing group.

2. Inspiration

One of my idols and without question one of the smartest entrepreneurs out there.

Richard Branson

3. Music

N.E.R.D and Ed – not a whole lot more to say!!!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Thats how you build an airport. Can’t wait to see this in June at BCA.

5. Imaging

This week I feel it was an easy one. I have not posted some of my own work for a long time and after so many of you have asked, here is the latest – (Side Note: My demos are always thought as of being composites and not real demos, which are sonically perfectly designed – I want you to see the different stuff I do and not the stuff matching with each other the best.)


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