Andy’s Fiver Friday #124 – Pumping Reverbs and how to…


SO, ready to jump start the weekend!!! Check out Oli‘s favorite PlugIn Combo and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!

1. PlugIn

Oli working with FilterBank F202 (low-end frequencies), Eventide Blackhole (massive reverberator) and OneKnob Pumper (sidechain compression) to create modern and outstanding pumping reverbs in the Studio!!! When reality doesn’t do you good enough just turn to these and add that special something.. 🙂 

2. Inspiration

Awesome movie inspired playlist featuring Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd & SZA!!! Black Panther aka. T’Challa finally brought into the mainstream and Marvel Cinematic Universe 🙂

3. Music

KSHMR’s House of Cards (Ft. Sidnie Tipton) Love the break at the end!!! 

4. Web/Social/Whatever
Thanks to Staxx from Z100, who posted that on the socials. Great piece about Sound Design and OF COURSE Star Wars!!!!!!!!

5. Imaging

This time round with a “Taylor Swift, Migos, Drake”- Rhythmic Music Bed Visual.. Cool stuff Alex! ENJOY!

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