Andy’s Fiver Friday #132 – PlugIN Subscriptions, an Imaging guy…

1. PlugIn

Different than usual…I really want to chat about what is going to be the model to buy/licence plugINs – subscriptions! Slate was the first doing it, now McDSP and others go for it as well. How do you feel about this? I am kind of in an in between state, so I would be really interested in how you see this!

2. Inspiration

For those who love photography on another level, done by an Imaging GUY :)…Ron does an unbelievable job on capturing NYC . Check his INSTA!

I have a few favorites for my living room!!!! 

3. Music

That is what I use for phases of deep work. Helps me to focus!


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Our new! Needed for ever to get done, but now I am really proud what the team has accomplished and how many great new functionality we could integrate without loosing the benztown vibe, look and feel. 

5. Imaging

Another Killer Composite from one of the hottest producers in Europe. Steph Jansen!

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