Andy’s Fiver Friday #134 – The Royal Wedding, Header Challenge…

So, we are back on track. Here is your weekly dose of FIVER.  Check the benz Royal Wedding Composite, whats going in the world of Text to Speech next level  and of course did I mention the Royal Wedding…


1. PlugIn

The godfather of Synths will be back as a plugIN. The legendary 808 – by Roland. 

Roland announces the first-ever official software TR-808


2. Inspiration

I cant Tell how amazed I am by this new technology lately introduced by Google.

Google Assistant makes calls

Google Assistant will be able to make actual phone calls for you.

Gepostet von Verge Reviews am Dienstag, 8. Mai 2018

3. Music
A bit Rock for this week – Still an awesome track:

4. Web/Social/Whatever
As a soccer fan this was the best video in the last week.
Check out the HEADER Challenge

5. Imaging
Nothing sweeter than finding the right Hashtag for the royal wedding. A small compilation from yours truly – the benz imaging team!

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