Andy’s Fiver Friday #137 – Ian Kirkpatrick, Sorbas and Capital…

So the next week has gone by and intense travel season is near. Singapore and BCA 2018 around the corner, LRT in Nuernberg, a NYC visit and and and…This weeks findings – pure AWESOMENESS!

1. PlugIn

More from my favorite plugin and a guy, who an really use it :)..

2. Inspiration

I cant point out enough how much this book has influenced my life.  I bet there is an english version available 🙂


3. Music
Check this out! An homage to 70s and 80s synths as foundation of Deadpool.

4. Web/Social/Whatever

This was created by Masa , Kev, Chris in the past, but still rocks!!!!

5. Imaging

Wow, I was blown away this week by our fiends at Capital….Also home of the Iron Imager

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