Andy’s Fiver Friday #156- Adobe Max, Slate Digital VRS8 and…



It´s the time of the week again Fiver Friday! This week Chris and Kevin went to the Adobe Max Conference in LA and share their fantastic experience with you. Man I would have loved to be there… Get ready for my new weekly findings….


Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt Interface is available now.



Robert Greene,,The Laws of Human Nature”.

Robert Greene is a Best-selling author and public speaker. He has written five international bestsellers, distilling ancient wisdom and philosophy into essential texts for seekers of power, understanding and mastery. Now he turns to the most important subject of all – understanding what drives people and their motivations. His recent book-release is great for altering your perspective on psychological nuances and extending your knowledge on mankind.


One of my all time favorites… Gotta love Common and John Legend!


Chris the Director of Marketing, fresh off the amazing, bright-colored, super-inspiring experience that was Adobe MAX Creative Conference, in Los Angeles earlier this week. 

Check out the adventures of Producer Kevin and Chris:


-So tell me Chris what are your impressions of the conference?

Adobe MAX was a really amazing experience for me. Its been a while since i’ve been in a classroom and 3 days of sessions has me feeling like its time to do play around with some projects outside of the day to day workflow. For me, one of the best things I heard was “they put that button there for a reason… click on it. see what it does.” Most of us are constantly up against a deadline and have little time to explore in our DAW. Break it, put it back together, keep learning your tools.

-What knowledge did you gain by participating in that event?

One of the many takeaways for me was that everyone is stepping up their game when it comes to publishing social media content. Whether it’s video, photos or audio, use the right tools to enhance and polish your content before posting it.  Putting in that extra work makes such a huge difference! 

Here are a couple photo & social tools you might love: 

Adobe Lightroom CC for iOS – gives you powerful, professional tools to shoot photos on mobile. Way better than the native iOS camera! 

Adobe Express – This app is so powerful it’s scary. if you don’t have a graphics person to help you keep your social, web & video content aligned with your brand, get one! But if you can’t, use Adobe Express. 


Check out Jerimiah Busniak´s Intros!


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