Andy’s Fiver Friday #158- LiquidSonics Illusion Fusion-IR, The Millennial Whoop…


Man, I can’t believe it’s already November! Damn, the time flies by so fast. Hope your candy-hunt was sucessful this Halloween and you didn’t get a sugar overdose. It’s the time of the week, make yourself comfortable and enter this week’s Fiver Friday with some crisp content.

LiquidSonics releases Illusion Fusion-IR | Synthesis Reverb Plug-in 

LiquidSonics has released Illusion, a new reverb plug-in for macOS and Windows that features the new Fusion-IR Synthesis technology.

Illusion simulates natural environments including halls, chambers and rooms, as well as classic nonlinear and plate reverbs with Fusion-IR  Synthesis. It draws on a suite of highly advanced reverberation technologies without the need for a library of sampled impulse responses to create a diverse palette of high quality reverbs.


I imagine some of you might heard of the phenomenom called the ,,Millennial Whoop”, for those who don’t, no need to worry! Some interesting thoughts on that subject and the whole topic disscused in a short inspiring TED-Talk below. Check it out!


This week’s pick:

A catchy lighthearted song by the well known band ,,Imagine Dragons“. What I personally find even cooler about this track, is the music video made for the new single. Get a feel for it!


Something you should take a grasp on in November is the Thriller/Mystery  film -“Cam”, that you can watch on Netflix. It’s a modern horror story about the existential fright of getting locked out of your account, and the dread is all too real. Daniel Goldhaber’s “Cam” also touches on a number of other digital crises, but this clever and freaky  movie is at its most effective when tracing the uneasy shadow relationships we share with our online personas. Definetly get’s you thinking about your own relation to social media.


The Capital Crew has done it again! Click to listen!


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