Andy’s Fiver Friday #189 – Pan Man, Support Your Local…

So, another summer week is gone and we are all preparing for the weekend!!! Was a week full of 4th of July imaging Vocal recordings for ESKA Rock and some cool new findings along the way! Talk MONDAY ladies and gents!


A good old friend of mine I revisited big time this week :)..PAN MAN, love it to give a track a specific layer or movement!!!


Awesome documentary on the creation of divide by Ed Sheeran – so much creative talent and an exceptional work ethic!


Support your local heroes, our boy for Urban beats Nasou with his new record! 

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Just out, the trailer for the series finale of Stranger Things – hopefully this will be as good as the last ones!


Two for this week: 

Iron Imager Contestant and Capital Imaging Producer Chris with an awesome REMIX of ED:

.. and some great work from the Italian Imaging God: go Lucio!!!

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