Andy’s Fiver Friday #197 – Brendan Tacey TAKEOVER: C3PO Hack,…

We’ve got another TAKEOVER! This time from no other but reigning Iron Imager Champion Brendan Tacey! Check out his findings for the week 🙂


C3PO Hack.

Working on the Daily Sketch Comedy Show last month, we had a sketch that was a replica of the Star Wars Cantina scene, but referring to the fact Sydney no longer has a night life worth mentioning due to the Lock Out Laws. Show time was approaching fast and I had to create a C3PO effect on one of the voices. I had done it a couple of times before thru a few layers of processing… but in my rush this day, I pulled up a plug in.. selected the first preset in the hope I might find a starting point… but bang.. .what I got I felt more than did the trick!

PlugIn- Ultra Pitch 6 Voices Mono: Preset- Small Group




Mentors and Making Contacts:

About 7 years ago.. I put together a 12,000+ word document outlining many aspects of Radio Production. One of the ‘modules’ was about seeking out Mentors and Contacts… so I reached out to Dave Foxx and David Konsky at the time to get their thoughts on it all. (please pardon my super simple video work! It was the extent of my visual skills at the time… and even to today!)


The Unkown Aussies

Introducing Some of our Aussie talent to the world that you may not have heard of before….. and the Top 5 things they have each learned since being behind the tools. These guys are just a small pick of the future of Production in our country.


Never Try.. Never Know.

Sounds like a mantra from the Deli Lama… or an ancient Chinese Proverb. Well it actually comes from Tony the Thailand Banana Pancake guy. On a recent Holiday to Phuket, my kids fell in love with the Banana Roti…. Or Banana Pancakes. Consuming one every night as we walked past Tony’s street cart on our way back to our Hotel from Dinner. I just thought they are such great words…… If you Never Try…. You’ll never know. Be it trying a new trick or voice or sound in your production.. or something in your life outside of production that you have always thought about but keep pushing away for whatever reason….. ‘Never Try…. Never Know’ .Which by the way he has taught himself to say in 16 Languages to cover all bases of Tourists that pass his Roti cart…. with the aim to sell more Pancakes.


Let The Grabs do the Talking:

One of my favorite production tricks in the world that I think is one of the simplest… yet has the biggest impact in imaging.. is letting the Grabs do the Talking in a promo, setup the next line in a promo… or answer to a VO line in a promo. Great example of this is Bryan Apples Rock the Bells Radio Run D.M.C Artist intro. (hope you don’t mind me highlighting this Bryan!) Just love the way Bryan has taken lines/lyrics from the songs and those lyrics either relate to the next VO line…. Or answer back to a part of the script.

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