Andy’s Fiver Friday #198 – RDA and Hello from KL!

Image by Engin_Akyurt from Pixabay 

First of all, thanks to Matt, Kev and BT, who where an awesome “Team Takeover”. I am back and on the road again. Hello from KL and Radio Days Asia. I am thrilled to be here and already love the city, the energy. If you are here, too, I would be so happy to touch base at the convention next week.

1. Plugin

The Sonsig Rev-A reverb by Relab honestly looks and sounds awesome! You can get your free trial by simply entering this code into your iLok Account: 9162-6163-5011-3601-6813-6970-5732-75

Also check out this quick review:


Awesome podcast by Matt D’Avella on Health, Business and Lifestyle! Also available on Spotify and Apple Music 🙂

3. Music

My favorite 90’s Playlist on Spotify

I Love My 90’s Hip Hop 

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Simply superb acting and a superb show!


So, this is Classic Hits at its best. Great job Jan

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