Andy’s Fiver Friday #235 – The Benztown Coloring Book, Soundtoys…

Time for another edition of fiver friday! Hope you had a great week and get smoothly into your well deserved weekend – here are this week’s findings: 


Soundtoys has yet another sale to offer and its huge! Up to 75% off of their best productions, check it out here!


A good friend send that to me this week and after seeing Tony live a couple of years ago at the inc5000 and in this special times I think it is a great narrative to stay positive and level headed:

Tony Robbins – 3 Decisions, Choose Wisely


Some smooth Drake vibes for the weekend!


Check out the latest addition to the Benztown Universe, the Benztown Coloring Book!

Get it here for free – would love to see some submissions!


The latest Power Intros from our friend Staxx!

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