ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #251 – The NI New Machine is…

Wow this week went by fast! I am thrilled as the forecast for the weekend is looking great and we have a couple of cool things lined up, but before…Here are this week’s findings.



Today we revisit a big classic and check out some tricks that we might not know about 😉

Rediscover your 1176 Emulations!




The new NI MASCHINE works as a standalone sampler and performance instrument. This takes you way back to the classic MPC – get back to that old workflow, no screen, just music.





Some Old School greatness 🙂






I started the Monday Morning Question on my personal linkedin and would love to have you participate!


Should I do something like that production-related on the blog with imaging type of questions? Is that something you would love to see? Let me know.



Some fresh new Imaging from Norway! Great work from Aleksander!


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