ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #267 – FIVE Free Plugins, CARHARTT’s Comeback,…

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So, 2021 has started and we have been back at it slowly, but good.

Here is this week’s findings!


1. Plugin

Here are FIVE of my favourite free Plugins:

Pultec Style EQ: Ignite Amps’ PTEq-X

Viby compression: Klanghelm’s MJUC JR.

Adding subs to weak hits and kicks: Brainworx’ bx_subfilter

Designing transients: FLUX’ BitterSweet

Huge Delay and Reverb extravaganza: Valhalla’s Supermassive


What else do you need??



2. Inspiration

One of my favorite brands when I was a kid and teenager making a tremendous comeback by creating a lifestyle line to the original workwear! Gotta love that stuff.


3. Music

The motto for this year!




4. Web/Social/Whatever

Looking forward to learn and gain insights from Francis Currie next week. Register Now!


5. Imaging

Our former Iron Imager Brad and a master piece I found on soundcloud!


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