ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #269 – WAVESFACTORY Plugin Giveaway, Clubhouse, and…

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New Week New Fiver Friday! Here are the top FIVE of the week!


1. Plugin

Wavesfactory is doing a cool Audio Plugin Giveaway on their Instagram! Go and check it out HERE !


2. Inspiration

Wow, what a hype and this time about an audio only platform. We all love Clubhouse and will do a weekly imaging talk. Check out Clubhouse and Feel Free to join our Room.




3. Music

I asked Freddy to pick a new Hip-Hop banger… Here it comes.



4. Web/Social/Whatever

Great read a very good friend send me this week.




5. Imaging

Sports Imaging goes often under the Radar. Tom Baker did an awesome job on this Composite of our Adrenaline Library


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