ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #273 – Dripping Vibes from DRIP FX,…

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Check out the top five findings of this week!

1. Plugin

After seeing tons of ads about this little wonder boy I thought, why not give it a try?! And damn! You actually do get pretty cool sounds really fast and all presets are totally usable and inspiring! Check out the Drip Plugin!!


2. Inspiration

Great webinar with Ken Benson and Paul Kaye…check the video, if you have missed it. Sorry for the audio problems.



3. Music

That incomparable Motown spirit!


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Think about your radio station broadcasting in 11 time zones and serving 9,5 million listeners a day?! That’s what  Europa Plus does! Feels incredible to be part of such a massive success story!


5. Imaging

Controversial but legendary…this isn’t about politics, it’s about a radio legacy.


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