ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #275 – Plugin recommendations from some of…

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Some weekend bathroom lecture. I hope you enjoy the time off.


1. Plugin

Steve Stone recommended the one on our Clubhouse chat yesterday!

Auburn Sounds – Graillon


Dan Hill recommended Polyverse Music – I Wish


Gabriel recommended Wavesfactory as a company to check out.



So much great content, findings and stories from all around the globe considering radio imaging and audio production.

Would be thrilled you come and hang with us next week on Thursday at 9a PST, noon EST, 6p CET. Imaging and Audio Production


2. Inspiration

If you are into Hip Hop Mixing check Lu Diaz


3. Music

My Drivin playlist…I often listen to this when I am in the car for longer.



4. Web/Social/Whatever

Shared this on Linkedin last week, such a great undertaking. Podast Studio in a Las Vegas hotel! las vegas wynnbets blue wire podcast studio



5. Imaging

Our latest dynamic Demo for benztown CHR.

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