ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #277 – A few words from me,…

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Yeah, the Bday weekend is!! NO – second year in a row I will have no friends over, which is really sad to me as I love having people at my place, but…guess what, even if this is not perfect, there is people having much bigger things to deal with! I am looking forward seeing you guys again in real life, hanging in the studio, at shows and conventions, enjoying chats, laughs and a good time or purely having you over at my place for a great coffee, when this is over! To a great weekend everyone!


Before we dig into this weeks gems, make sure to be a part of our weekly Clubhouse Radio Imaging and Audio production chat on Thursday next week.

Here we go!


1. Plugin

Don’t laugh at the C1 from Waves 🙂 …I see you laughing!

I used it this week as a side chain for my reverb bus and it works pretty well!




2. Inspiration

We could all use more resilience. Seth is one of the biggest thinkers and has influenced me big time in a lot of ways!


3. Music

These lists are pretty new on Spotify, at least to me…give me some 1998 Old school baby!



4. Web/Social/Whatever

Love that one!

Listen to every radio station in the world with one click!


5. Imaging

A couple of sweepers from yours truly from the last 2 weeks.

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