ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #307 – NEW UA VOLT Interface, The…

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Its Friday again – check out the five picks of the week! Have a nice one!


1. Plugin

Cableguys added their new component to the ShaperBox, the NoiseShaper!!

Also the whole bundle is on sale for 99$ right now!!




2. Inspiration

Can’t wait ’til Thursday next week to host the next Global Radio Webinar with Elroy Smith.

To register for the free webinar:



3. Music

An all-time classic, one of my all-time favorites!!



4. Web/Social/Whatever

A person I am researching right now – Akio Morita – inventor of the Walkman, co-founder of Sony. He was the first, that created a tape recorder, that would play back, where this was leading to, we all know…playing back music on all our handheld devices.



5. Imaging

As I know you guys like FREE STUFF :)…


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