ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #308 – Most Creative Reverb, Quick Vocal…

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What a week ladies and gents! So much going on and so many great findings and ideas to share with you.


1. Plugin

This reverb is a game changer in the land of automations! Polyverse Comet even offers a glide control to morph between parameters.



2. Inspiration

Play Nice But Win” by Michal Dell – someone I try to learn more about in my spare time as he did many things in the 90s that are basically industry standards today as the DTC model etc. Can’t wait to read his new book:


3. Music

In preparation of our Global Radio Webinar with Elroy Smith we spoke so much about New Edition this week, so I had to listen to my old time favorite from them.



4. Web/Social/Whatever

You all know I am a massive fan of Vocal Synth by Izotope and here is a great way of using it in creating synths!




5. Imaging

Love Bryan’s creativity to new stuff!


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