ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #315 – THE legendary BBC Mic, a…

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It’s time for another Fiver Friday. What a week! Hospital visit for the lil man, christmas production in full effect here at Benztown, and snow forecasted for the weekend – at least where I am ;)…check this week’s goodies!


1. Plugin

All I want for Christmas is…RIFT – completely crazy sound design tool or like they say “A New Type Of Distortion”

Also check out the other goodies from Minimal Audio. There’s a free filter and some awesome samples to get 🙂





2. Inspiration

Great video about THE legendary mic of the BBC. Thanks, Sakis for sending!



3. Music

The favorite song of my little warrior! 20+ stitches, no tears, and thanked the doctors!



4. Web/Social/Whatever

I know Jordan Peterson is a controversial figure, but I love his clear thinking!



5. Imaging

I love Sports Imaging and yours, Royce, truly put some awesome stuff together!


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