ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #322 – Energetic ROCK IMAGING, Rethinking Todays…

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That was fast! Here we go with another 5erFriday. Here are this week’s findings.



1. Plugin

A really quick and easy-to-use tool to get a good master, especially for rock mixes. The resonance filters let you fix harsh guitar frequencies, the comp is a perfect glue and you nearly can’t make any mistakes with the EQ section. And don’t forget to mono those bass frequencies 😉


2. Inspiration

A WORLD WITHOUT EMAIL. Cal is one of my favorite writers. A great read, hope this will help everyone to rethink these days’ communication overload!




3. Music

Let me know what you think about this bad boy 🙂




4. Web/Social/Whatever

Fell in love with this brand. Sorry, totally off-topic, but you can wear the pants basically for everything and everywhere. That’s my favorite for morning walks with the dog.





5. Imaging

Great work from Alex, love his Rock imaging!!!!



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