ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #342 – CHR Imaging, Effectrix + Dermot…

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What day is it? Friday!!! To a nice weekends my friends!

1. A plugIN

I cant rave enough about and I am sure I posted it more than one time, but again this week I couldn’t get enough of using it.

Check it out here:

2. Inspiration

Another great webinar with Ken Benson and our special guest Guy Zapoleon, a true master of music scheduling, music research and radio in general. If you dont had time to check it out yesterday:

3. Music

Great song I listened to all week…

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Totally random, but beautiful way of repurposing a power plant. We enjoyed that building while in Copenhagen a couple weeks ago.

Check out the article here.

5. Imaging

Check out yours truly new CHR composite for June.

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