ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #352 – Andy is BACK with 25…

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It is going down – get ready:)…I am back! Finally. So happy to be back at it and in front of my ProTools. Here is this week’s findings!

1. Plugin

Plugin Alliance has a massive SALE right now all the way down to 10$!!





2. Inspiration

Love LA and the time I could spend with our team and the new members. Here is a MUST read, if you considering visiting the City of Angles soon. (Even I and I have ben to LA so many times find interesting stuff to check out here)


Things to do in Los Angeles: 25 weird and fun ways to explore LA



3. Music

My Summer playlist! Check it out!




4. Web/Social/Whatever

Even if you are not into medicine, this guy is killing it. His podcast is ace!





5. Imaging

Some new work on Benztown CHR


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