ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #363 – A Creative Distortion Plugin From…

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So the best Day of the Week is here… Friday!!! Here are this Weeks findings



1. Plugin

A Plugin I have not used and start to fall in love with… Berzerk!






2. Inspiration

So much dooms day and bad news everywhere, see how founders still can thrive these days, their success stories and much more! Check the stories, really impressive!

The Most Successful Companies in America and what they reveal about the Future




3. Music

Check this bad boy beard brother out! Love his sound! Hope he will be the next big thing in country.





4. Web/Social/Whatever

A movie by my dear friend Harris celebrating French HipHop culture!!! Well DONE






5. Imaging

Long time no see….New work from our man in OZ! Mike Santos!!

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