ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #375 – Studio Setup, Imaging and BEST…

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A great Studio Setup, Imaging from another planet and why youtube is my favorite these days! Another 5er Friday:)…What I have been digging up this week!



1. Plugin

This plugin always does its trick, when you need to level out VO – love the compression. I honestly prefer the Waves version…not kidding – API25000 Waves Compressor!!






2. Inspiration


…and also our main topic gear related..check out Gökhan’s mobile studio solution…so smart:




3. Music

Found this on Spotify




4. Web/Social/Whatever

A great read I am giving away to all my friends right now :



I heard Rick Rubin talk about his life story many times on several podcasts – Check out Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris before reading the book


5. Imaging

Brad Leask is back with some impressive work. His stuff in general is from another planet!!!



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