ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #410 – Rediscover The DISTRESSOR. Why Would…

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1. Plugin

Distressor, a plugIn Oli and Shane both love and I was never able to wrap my head around it. Until now! I am sure you will love it as well. Start at 5 !!!!!



2. Inspiration

3. Music

One of my favorite rappers ever !




4. Web/Social/Whatever

Why would you? This is the title of a blog post I am working on. Would be so lovely, if you could drop me some thoughts…Why would you is a question, that I love to ask, if people don’t feel the need to embrace change or do the tough work. Why would you become the best version of yourself, why would you wake up early, why would you go the extra mile…What would be your “Why Would You questions?” Please drop them below!!!




5. Imaging

Love Brian’s work!


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