Andy’s Fiver Friday #42 – Why the Customer is always…


Here we go! It was a busy week as we had some nice releases. Let’s go for my 5 for this week.

1. Plugins

Another reverb this week! Beside musical reverbs you can also use them to create realistic spaces to imitate a room or place your speaker is located. There are some common solutions for this like convolution reverbs as Audio Ease’s Altiverb 7. They sound great, but its necessary to record impulse responses which makes these kind of reverbs more expensive than an algorithmic one. A great alternative for my ears is Exponential Audio’s Phoenixverb. Of course you can also use them in a musical way. It’s not a sexy plugin, but the sound is pretty nice. Check it out:

2. Inspiration

A great article From Gary Vaynerchuk who knows where his money comes from: customers.

The Customer is Always Right As Long As You Want Their Money

Even when I had a customer who was irrational, unprofitable, or downright emotionally difficult, there was something that was inside of my gut, my DNA, that never allowed me to waiver from “the customer is always right.”


3. Music

This remembers me of great times when RnB was just awesome!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Now it is possible to use the benztown libraries directly via ENCO. Syncing these products will make a new experience!

5. Imaging

5 years after Fame FX Vol.1, we made it to the second edition! It’s a bit different to Vol.1 as more softer elements are included. So we went for a well balanced package with 400+ sounds, which prepares you to anything no matter which job will come! Check the demo and website for more information.

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