Andys Fiver Friday #50 – Schweinsteiger, Little Alter Boy and…

Fiver Friday Header IIWow, Episode 50, I thought I cant do 5… but I am humbled you guys gave me so much great feedback and love that short weekly thing I am doing.
So, what moved me this week…

1. PlugINs.
Again or don’t know, if I referred to it before. Sound Toys Little Alter Boy… Love to automate the pitch and formant! Such a great effect.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 13.53.09

2. Inspiration
Tim Urban. Great TED talk, great blog posts all the time… one of the best blogs out there!
Wait But Why: Everything You Should Know About Sound

3. Music
This gets trickier each week, so I let my son decide… one of his all time favs:

Thomas D – Rückenwind from Thomas D on Vimeo.

4. Social / Web / Whatever.
The Captain retires. My favorite player in the last ten years – a legend says goodby to the german national team – Bastian Schweinsteiger
His best summer ever! 2014! Thank YOU!

5. Imaging
Yeah, as we had Sidey this week, it will be tough! I have some stuff from Jan…

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