The 2016 Iron Imager, new projects and the Filter Freak!


It has been a long time and no news from our iron imager. So I reached out to this incredibly talented guy down there and we did a little update interview on his new routines, tricks and projects. Check out Sidey’s new PlugIn recommendations, who would be his favorite opponent at Iron Imager 2017 and and and…

Any new tricks, plugIns, routines?

I guess the biggest new thing in my workflow is offline bouncing. I just got PT 11. I have 12 too. But I haven’t got around to installing it yet. So offline bounce saves a massive amount of time.

I’ve been messing around with Filter Freak again, after not using it for ages. Panning left and right and then overlaying over the top of VOs for a cool sweeping sound.

I’ve been doing similar with H-Delay. I always use it for delays. But now I’m using it for some more weird textured FX.

What was the piece you had the most fun with to make the last month – and


I’ve been having a lot of fun with our latest tactic Paulie’s Estate. We’re basically giving away the estate of Triple M’s longest listener and biggest ever prize winner. Re-gifting everything he ever won. His name was Paulie Robinson, so it lent itself to a jingle idea.

New trends in Rock imaging? what did you play with the last months?

Just keeping things simple I think. I’ve been trying to slow things down and make edits less cluttered. In the past I’ve tended to try and get a million riffs into every mix and it sounded a bit confusing sometimes. Now I’m letting things breath a bit and going for a more natural kinda groove or sound.

I’ve also been flicking my mic on more often and adding stupid whacky voices into the backgrounds of promos. Just loads of lame characters really. My own crowd reactions etc, for a bit of kitsch value.

Writing masterclass – what are the three things every one should try to
kick off a piece in a creative way?

There’s no formula. You’ve gotta find a hook with whatever you’re writing for and tie it into an idea somehow. Every project is a blank canvas. But I guess if you can kick of with an emotive, epic or funny idea that’s a good start.

Iron Imager 2017? I know it is long, but who would be your favorite

I’m hangin’ for it. Can’t wait. I wish it was happening sooner. I’m tempting fate here asking for an opponent. There are loads of great imaging guys who I’d love to hang out with and talk nerdy tech stuff with though. Spending a bit of time in LA with old mate Konsky or Blackers (Nikolic) or Matty Dower from Nova would be fun.

I’d love to throw myself into the deep and and go head to head with Jake Kaplan or that red headed dude from Canada (Gary? ha ha just kidding, I know his name) or maybe even Ron Tarrant. The head of Triple M’s prod department Brendan Tacey has threatened to enter this year, so who knows.

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