Andy’s Fiver Friday #61 – LA, Burgers and Burgers!


Image by Jaymantri

Hey guys, first week in LA is almost over…was crazy, met so many friends again, hung out, ate burgers, ate some more burgers and of course ate burgers.
I still love that city, the bible and of course the burgers!

1. PlugIn.
Being here in LA I see this guy use JJP Vocals all the time. So you might wanna check it out:)..
Looks like this:



2. Inspiration
LA Street Culture and Scenery is just amazing, no matter if is the family owned and awesome Taco Joint in Los Feliz, Street Art or the Hipster Barber Shops or Arcade Hall. This is the capital of Street Style and Street Art – still…


3. Music
A killer song from Bruno.


4.Social / Fun / Whatever
The best burger in town, no not the Red Robbin the Golden State in Silver Lake.

If you think differently, let me know, I am here :)…



Some new stuff from our Clique Imaging here from Ash.


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