Andy’s Fiver Friday #67 – NI Form, Sapiens and Daft…


The first week I passed on the FIVER. But for a reason :)… I thought on Black Friday all you PlugIN geeks would love to get the latest deals as updates and I was right. Thanks for more than 500(!!!) people reading this post alone on Black Friday! Here I am back with the weekly dose of the best stuff I discovered, got sent, played around with! Enjoy!


Replika XT! It’s part of NI’s Komplete Ultimate 11 and a great delay, which also creates reverbs. Tons of presets and an interface with visual Feedback!


2. Inspiration

Great read by Yuval Noah Harari.

Sapiens  – A Brief History of Humankind



3. Music

Huge Production!


4. Web / Social / Whatever

This week we had Jessica Meige here in the studios to record fresh vocals for a new jingle package. This time she has been delivered directly to the office via express.

French singer just arrived…French singer just arrived…
#soundquadrat #benztown #jingles #hitwest #cristal #oceane

Posted by Soundquadrat on Dienstag, 22. November 2016


5. Imaging

I did a short video about how I use Form in my branded intros. Make sure to check out this Reaktor ensemble!

#theWeeknd #DaftPunk – #chr #radioimaging #vocoder #benztown

Posted by Benztown Branding on Mittwoch, 30. November 2016


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