Surfer EQ. Stick to frequencies!


I recently heard about a new equalizer called ‘Surfer EQ’ by Sound Radix. At first glance it seemed to be pretty interesting. It has a new approach which names this EQ: Bands sticking to tonal information and surfing if needed.
Let’s give you a short overview of this special tool.

Basically Sound Radix’ Surfer EQ works like any other EQ and feels similar to fabfilter’s Pro-Q2. It includes 5 band with additional high- and lowcut.
But a special option makes this eq unique: “Surf”.

When enabling this little button, the band tracks your originally set frequency and tries to stick up with tonal differences. This comes in handy for singers and other musical stuff. But even with spoken word, you will have differences in pitch throughout the performance

In this example I pushed the root frequency of a VO track and enabled the surf function for some bands. This ensures that the bass part is always pushed evenly which makes it sound more natural.

I pushed the bass pretty hard, to hear the differences. Using a static eq comes up with creating kind of a resonant feeling as only certain frequencies are pushed.
As I said, this EQ comes in technically when used in musical productions, as there is more tonal information. But don’t underestimate its approach in imaging!

If you are after a new EQ, think about getting this one! Right now it’s available for $149 via

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