Andy’s Fiver Friday #75 – Volcano, Paris and the game…

What a great week! Felt good to be back in Paris for Le Radio. This time, totally different area, but AWESOME. Was fun to meet my french friends and partners. Thanks for 2 fantastic days of great food, radio talk and fun!

1. Plugin

FabFilter Volcano. It’s just incredible what you can do with good combinations of filters. High quality product, as always by the guys from the Netherlands.


2. Inspiration

It’s absolutely crazy how the game industry developed over the past 15 years. And there are still move forward. Just think of VR for example. Big technology which will revolutionize this industry in the future.
Check this article which features 11 trends that will push this industry straight forward. Have a look at point 9: production that puts feeling first – creating a production backwards, putting the feeling you want to create first and do everything else on this basis.

11 video game trends that will change the future of the industry


3. Music

Like some airy Future Bass stuff?


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Paris, not my city… I totally changed my mind, after staying in Marais last time in the 4th quarter – so cool. The best part of the city, if you want to stay in a hip, urban, trendy, cool neighborhood.


5. Imaging

Fresh and nice piece by Bryan Apple!


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