Andy’s Fiver Friday #78 – Punish, Microsoft Surface and benztown…

It’s getting warmer in Stuttgart benztown! Spring is about to call!

1. Plugin

I’ve tried Heavyocity Punish and it is huge! Includes compressor, saturation, transient shaper and equalizer. All designed to add extra punch!
Some audio examples:

2. Inspiration

I’m an Apple user for years now. But will this one be a competitor to Apple’s iMac? The new Microsoft Surface Studio combines an all in one computer with touchscreen for professionals. It comes with a dial which looks great for video editing and design. Place it on the surface and spin. Depending where you drop it, the appropriate parameter will be changed. Will be available from $2999 and ships early 2017. Keep your eyes open for this one!

Microsoft Surface Studio

Der Microsoft Surface Studio All-In-One PC. Alle Details

Gepostet von Mobilegeeks Deutschland am Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016

3. Music

4. Web/Social/Whatever

benztown 50 is back!. Check out this list of incredibly talented VO artists. We also did interviews with a lot of these guys on the VO blog in the past. Click here to see the full interview list!


Please join us in congratulating the 50 incredibly talented people on this list, who go above and beyond to bring radio'…

Gepostet von Benztown Branding am Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

5. Imaging

Chris Longman just uploaded a composite of branded Capital intros! Check out how he’s playing with stops and dynamics to achieve your attention. Nice one!




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