Andy’s Fiver Friday #86 – Dundu, New York and Ron…

Fiver Friday! Here you go!

1. Plugin

Have you ever heard of a company called “Audio Thing“? Their catalogue contains a good amount of different effects and instruments. And this on a budget! If you are after a new toy to play with this might be interesting for you!

2. Inspiration

Dundu is a project that was founded by a crew based in Stuttgart. Dundu basically is a pretty charismatic puppet, as its way to perform is simply unique. Haven’t seen it live yet, but it looks great!

3. Music

Bonobo at his best.

4. Web / Social / Whatever

As I am in New York today, here is a few impressions of my trip so far. Just Love this city.

Visiting #WPLJ #NASH #WABC in #NYC – Thanks DK for showing us around!

Posted by Soundquadrat on Freitag, 21. April 2017


5. Imaging

Ron Tarrant is one highly talented  producers at Sirius XM and former imaging guy at Kiss in Toronto. Take a listen to his stuff if you have not yet! He’s doing great production. Beside imaging he’s also doing music under the alter ego “lost in film”. Here you go:


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