Create signature voice effects: Zynaptiq Wormhole!

Two weeks ago, Musikmesse in Frankfurt took place. It’s the biggest music technology fair at least in Europe. Last year the Stuttgart guys went there and checked out new stuff. Beside other things they came back with a stick full of demos by a company called Zynaptiq. That’s basically how I became aware of them. We did not visit the fair this year, but after some research I found another great looking plugin presented by Zynaptiq, called Wormhole.

Wormhole is a multi effects processor which mainly works by using pitch shifting algorithms. I tested it on male and female voices, tried some presets and tweaked some settings. Here you go:

My impression was that Wormhole is a pretty strong processor with hard settings that heavily can influence the material. It has a good bunch of presets, especially for voice material, and most of them sound pretty solid. Beside creatures, monsters and general widening effects, I really liked the post-production processing section. This section contains presets to create pretty nice telephone/radio effects. Try them!
By tweaking the settings you can also create subtle sounds to be used as layers. This ensures audibility, with an additional nice, sonic touch.

Wormhole seems to be a solid plugin to create huge, specialized voice effects. But it also gives you the possibility to do more subtle effects. Check out the demo via!



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