Andy’s Fiver Friday #87 – NAB in Sin City, ENCO…

What a week! New York, Vegas, LA. I am so happy to be back in the US again and NAB with our friends from ENCO has been a blast. Guess what, next will even be better! The WWRS is right around the corner and the IRON IMAGER. I am so looking forward to spend time with the LA crew, Brad, Sidey and of course meeting all my industry friends.

1. Plugin

Just loving the sound of this device: Supercharger GT by Native Instruments. It’s an all go to plugin, which works perfectly if you want to affect your sound. It’s basically a compressor with solid controls, but you can also use it to just shape the sound. The character knob has three steps and tweaks the sound pretty nice!

2. Inspiration

I usually stay away from politics, but this guy impressed me a lot in Tim Ferris’ podcast. Cory Booker. I highly recommend to check out the podcast with him.

Cory Booker — Street Fights, 10-Day Hunger Strikes, and Creative Problem-Solving

3. Music

4. Web

ENCO systems – what  great DAD system. I played around a lot with it while hanging at the ENCO booth and I am really impressed how easy to use, stable and just well thought out this product is.

5. Imaging

Next: WWRS and Iron Imager contest is close! Really looking forward to it. Check out some of reigning champ Sidey’s great latest work and his pre contest interview! It’s gonna be a huge contest between him and Brad!




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