Iron Imager VI: Meet the reigning CHAMP – Enter Sidey

Brad had his chance to answer the questions. Now it is time for….THE CHAMP, the reigning and undefeated champ, who might need an access ramp to the stage. Why? Check out more from a guy I really admire, a creative Mother Bomb, a rock star: Enter Sidey!

Iron Imager again ­- You are the reigning champ, how do you feel contending against Brad as a youngster?

I’m nervous as hell. There ‘s a lot of pressure being the champ. Last year I was the underdog. This year I have this stupid belt around my waist ha ha!
I know Brad’s work well, and he’s amazing. All these young guys are. I noticed Dan Hunt in the final few as well. We  have a lot of awesome talent coming up down here in Australia. Brad, Dan and a bunch of other kids are the big guns of the future (or maybe now).

Don’t you love that I can call them kids. Yep, I’m that old! I just hope you have ramp access for the iron imager contest.


Any new tricks and PlugIns you played around with in the last months?

Don’t be stupid. You know the saying ­you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That said, I guess my latest trick is probably doing less. You know, less is more kinda thinking.
But that might be me just being lazy.




Let us hear some of your latest work!

We’re into the football season again here now. So Triple M is half rock/half sport.
I’m spending a lot of time cutting up footy highlights. That and 90s rock.



 What would be your format of choice, beside Classic Rock?

Is this my chance to influence the category you pick for the contest ha ha? Well let’s just say if you pick anything other than rock I’m screwed!





 How do you prepare yourself for this competition?

No prep. Just gonna wing it. I just hope I remember to bring the belt back with me.



Anything you want to tell Brad?

Yeah, see you in LA Brad! It’s gonna be loads of fun. You’re gonna meet heaps of legends of imaging you’ve be stalking on the internet for years.
And the Benztown guys will probably take us to Sammy Hagar’s place to get drunk (responsibly).





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