Andy’s Fiver Friday #89 – Ryan Drean’s PT Tip, Howard…

Hey guys, this week I am writing this from my hotel room in Singapore. Broadcast Asia is around the corner and I am so excited as it is the first time I am gonna attend.  Let me know, if you are around –  email me.

I am looking forward to chat about imaging, check out the latest tech in radio and tv and of course to explore this fantastic city.

1. Plugin

Check out this short pro tools tip video by buddy Ryan Drean! Grea to get instant plugin access directly in the insert window. Makes it pretty easy to navigate your two most favorite tools. Thanks Ryan!

2. Inspiration

Howard Cogan, one of the best VO guys and for years the legendary VO for the JackFM brand created that beauty 🙂

3. Music
This week it only can be: Chris Cornell
I bet a lot of you don’t know this awesome cover of Billie Jean


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Some Singapore impressions!


5. Imaging

Chris Davis put together this awesome Chris Cornell tribute. I am sad as Chris Cornell was a hero of my youth and he and Soundgarden have been there before Nirvana.





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