Andy’s Fiver Friday Episode 15 – Pro-C2, Maschine at the…

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Another week, another Fiver Friday. I am thrilled to announce next week we will intro and take a closer look to the new FabFilter Pro-C2 to the imaging community and  just as a teaser : This baby rocks!

1. PlugIns
Of course the new Pro-C2, really great presets on the bus and also nice options and sound for individual tracks. Big Bang for the buck! We will have some great examples for you, including my VO treatment for Harry Legg.



2. Inspiration: My man The Rock posted something really inspiring on fb this week. You gotta love that guy and his view of life. So humble and real!

An unforgettable call. Yesterday (Nov 3rd) a buddy of mine Shawn Perine sent me a story to read about #MattKlutka who…

Gepostet von Dwayne The Rock Johnson am Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

3. Music

This week very easy. Justin and Chris Stapleton live at the CMA’s.

4. Social / Fun / Whatever 

Who has Maschine? This is insane!

5. Imaging

This week I got another email from a blog reader asking about a online coaching for Imaging.
Is this something more of you would be interested in? How could I do this ? Webinars? Skype Sessions and even more important what topics should I adress? Please leave comments or email me (!!!

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